Our Clear Pick

Dr. Matt Orthodontics in Beaverton brings you LightForce clear braces, a treatment as unique as you are.

Dr. Matt personalizes this advanced treatment to ensure your orthodontic journey is more comfortable and efficient. Experience the difference of customized care with us.

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Your Path to Clarity

Dr. Matt uses LightForce technology at Dr. Matt Orthodontics to create custom ceramic braces tailored to the unique shape of your teeth.

Our approach to custom treatment not only speeds up the process but also means you and your family will spend less time in our Beaverton office and more time enjoying your great smiles.

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Embrace the Advantages
of LightForce

  • Efficient Treatment: Custom braces designed to fit your teeth precisely make the treatment process more efficient.
  • Ideal Results: Digital planning and superior brackets ensure your smile reaches its full potential.
  • Perfect Fit: Digital scans guarantee braces that fit flawlessly, enhancing your comfort.

Revolutionizing Tooth Alignment

LightForce braces at Dr. Matt Orthodontics offer a tailored experience for your smile, reducing discomfort and streamlining your path to straight teeth.

At the forefront of orthodontic innovation, LightForce introduces a new era of tooth alignment—more efficient, personalized, and convenient than ever before.

LightForce Typodont

LightForce Clear Braces

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Traditional Metal Braces

LightForce vs. Metal Braces

LightForce clear braces offer a sleek, almost invisible alternative to traditional metal braces. Their smaller size and tooth-colored material mean they blend in with your smile, making them hardly noticeable.

Not only do they look subtler, but LightForce braces also provide a more comfortable fit and move your teeth more efficiently than older braces styles.

They're the perfect choice for older teens and adults at Dr. Matt Orthodontics in Beaverton who prefer a discreet way to achieve a straighter smile.

LightForce brackets

Discover If LightForce Is Right for You

Let's find out together which orthodontic solution works best with your smile goals. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Matt at Dr. Matt Orthodontics, and take the first step towards your ideal smile.

Visit us to see if LightForce clear braces are the perfect match for your lifestyle.