Why Come See Dr. Matt Tsai, Your Braces Guy?

Where Innovation Meets Compassion

At Dr. Matt Orthodontics in Beaverton, we blend expertise with warmth to guide you on your journey to a perfect smile.

Our practice is built on compassion, innovation, and a deep commitment to personalized care. Here, your smile dreams become reality.

It Starts With Compassion

Every smile has a story, and at Dr. Matt Orthodontics, we’re eager to be part of yours. Understanding that no two patients are alike, Dr. Matt and our team dedicate time to know you personally — your needs, concerns, and smile goals.

This approach ensures that you feel supported, informed, and excited about the journey ahead, from your first free consultation to the moment of your new smile reveal.

This blend of personal service and compassionate care sets us apart, so your orthodontic experience is as unique as your smile.

Beaverton's Braces Guy

Dr. Matt isn’t just Beaverton’s board-certified orthodontist — he’s a lifelong learner committed to bringing the best of orthodontic innovation to you. He believes in bringing you and your family the best, from his practice to his education.

Harvard-educated, Dr. Matt has the experience and expertise to put Dr. Matt Orthodontics at the forefront of orthodontic care.

This commitment to excellence means you can trust your smile to a professional who cares about achieving the best results and makes sure these high-quality treatments fit within your budget.

Orthodontics treatment Beaverton

Quality Care That Fits
Your Budget

We get it. Wanting a beautiful smile shouldn't mean stressing over the cost. That's why Dr. Matt is all about making top-notch care affordable.

We offer different payment options to fit your budget, from flexible plans to insurance help. Our team's here to work out a plan that lets you smile now and pay in a way that makes sense for you. There are no hidden fees and no surprises — just clear, straightforward help to get you the care you deserve.

Let's chat about how we can make your dream smile a reality without breaking the bank.

Leading With Innovation

Innovation drives everything we do at Dr. Matt Orthodontics. Receive a perfect smile without the goop and discomfort of the past. That's what we offer with our iTero Lumina Scanner.

This cool tech takes a 3D digital model of your mouth, so everything from diagnosis to treatment plan happens precisely and stays tailored for you. We're all about giving you options that fit your life, like clear aligners that are almost invisible and strong braces that are built just for you.

Plus, our treatments are quicker and more comfortable thanks to gadgets like digital X-rays. We’re making orthodontic visits something you might look forward to.

Where Fun Meets Orthodontics

At Dr. Matt Orthodontics, we believe getting braces should be as enjoyable as showing off your new smile.

That's why we've woven fun into every part of your orthodontic journey. From engaging contests and games that light up our office to celebrating milestones in your treatment, we make sure laughter and smiles begin long before your braces come off.

It's not just about straightening teeth — it's about creating joyful memories along the way.

Right Around the Corner

Finding us is easy, with a convenient location designed to make your orthodontic visits as straightforward as your treatment plan. Dr. Matt Orthodontics in Beaverton offers flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.

We're just a short drive from home, work, or school, so your path to a perfect smile is always within reach. Let's make it easy to start your smile journey.

Bridging Cultures,
Creating Smiles

Dr. Matt’s ability to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently and Japanese proficiently isn’t just a skill — it's a bridge to understanding and connecting with more families in Beaverton.

At Dr. Matt Orthodontics, we celebrate diversity and make sure that every patient feels heard, understood, and valued.

Whether we’re explaining treatment plans or sharing a laugh, our multilingual practice is here to make everyone feel at home. Your smile journey is a global experience right here in Beaverton.

Free First Consultation

Your first step to a dazzling smile? A free chat with us. At Dr. Matt Orthodontics, we kick things off with a no-cost consultation that includes an X-ray and photos of your smile.

Dr. Matt will sit down with you to go over all your options and answer every question. It's all about making sure we're the right fit for you. We believe in transparency and trust from the get-go. So, why wait?

Schedule your free consultation today, and let's start this journey together. Your perfect smile is closer than you think.