Meet Dr. Matt Tsai, Your Braces Guy

Orthodontist Beaverton OR

Hi! I'm Dr. Matt Tsai

. . . and I have a confession: I’m a donut connoisseur.

From modern gourmet concoctions to maple-glazed delicacies, caramel creations and classic chocolatey morsels, I just can’t resist the deliciously decadent taste and the rich array of flavors that surprise and delight with every bite.

As a dental professional, I recognize that this secret should be kept under lock and key and that I should be advising you to stay away from sugary treats.

But hey, even dentists have a sweet tooth—we’re only human! Fortunately, you don’t need to follow a rigid no-sweets diet to achieve your perfect smile.

Indulging in and savoring the perfect doughy confection is like custom designing a flawless smile. Like every sweet bite, every appointment with my compassionate team and me is a wholesome, delightful, and satisfying experience that brightens your day and ultimately changes your life.

Professional Journey

But enough about donuts (for now) and a bit about my professional journey.

While I’ve always been intrigued by the medical sciences, my interest in dental medicine was magnified after graduating from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Japanese and psychobiology. It was then that I had the opportunity to shadow a dentist, put myself in their shoes, and experience life from their point of view.

Inspired by my personal doctor-to-patient relationship and the life-altering power of a great smile, this experience gave me courage in my convictions. It reaffirmed what I already knew: that my true destiny was in dentistry.



At Harvard School of Dental Medicine, I explored a vast array of dental disciplines before ultimately being drawn to my calling: orthodontics. In orthodontics, each patient’s skeletal and dental relationship presents a dynamic 3D puzzle.

The solution lies in creating customized treatments that optimize for growth, function, aesthetics, stability and long-term oral health. This requires patience and consistency from both the patient and the doctor as seemingly unnoticeable adjustments made during each appointment ultimately lead to a dramatic transformation.

The opportunity to see my patients become progressively more confident with their smile as we build a trusted relationship crystallized my passion for the field.

After graduating from Harvard, I relocated to the City of Roses to complete my specialized training at Oregon Health & Science University. Obtaining a master’s degree and a certification in orthodontics empowered me with the tools to identify, implement and deliver evidence-based exceptional care to the community.

And once in the Portland area, I fell in love with the city’s diverse food scene, relaxed energy, summer weather, and endless access to nature.

“There’s more to me than devouring donuts and designing smiles. Born in Southern California and raised in Taiwan, I was 13 when my family and I returned to the Golden State.

A few years later, while at UCLA, I studied abroad in Kyoto, Japan. It was a character-defining, enriching experience that significantly strengthened my Japanese language skills and cultural proficiency. (I can watch anime with ease—no subtitles necessary!)"

— Dr. Matt

Fun Facts

Here are a few more fun facts about me:

  • I love Harry Potter
  • My favorite food truck is Matt’s BBQ on Mississippi Ave.
  • I appreciate interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and learning about their culture, stories and worldviews
  • My guilty pleasure is boba tea from Tiger Sugar in Beaverton
  • I am fluent in Mandarin
  • My fondest memory from dental school was volunteering for the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • The coolest donut I’ve ever had is the Damian Lillard “Letter 0” donut
Orthodontist Beaverton OR

Murrayhill’s Board-Certified Orthodontist

I am proud to be one of Murrayhill’s American Board of Orthodontics-certified practitioners.

I am personally committed to continuous improvement and ongoing education to deliver the latest technological advancements and treatments to my team, my patients, and my community.

The combination of my credentials, experience, and ever-evolving thirst for knowledge guarantees a higher-level patient experience and more comfortable, efficient, and accessible care.


Professional Credentials

  • University of California, Los Angeles (Undergraduate)
  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine (Doctorate in Dental Medicine)
Master of Science
  • Orthodontics from Oregon Health & Science University
  • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from Oregon Health & Science University
  • By the American Board of Orthodontics
  • The American Association of Orthodontics
  • Oregon State Society of Orthodontists
  • The Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
  • Mandarin Chinese (fluent)
  • Japanese (proficient)